The Best Shoes for Supination

Supination, also known as under pronation is a common cause of ankle injuries and conditions.
People who have under pronation or supination will need to attain footwear that gives them the required support and comfort features to help prevent damage to their feet and ankles and to alleviate any pain or discomfort associated with this foot condition.

The Best Women’s Shoes for Supination

Summary Table for Shoes for Supination – 2016

No.ShoeMen ♂Women ♀FeaturesBrandScore
1Running Shoes for Supination
  • Fresh Foam Midsole
New Balance96
2Running Shoe for Supination
  • Gel Cushioning
  • FluidRide Technology
3Lace Up Walking Shoe for Underpronation
  • Motion Control
  • Stability
New Balance92
4Orthaheel Technology Sandals for Under-Pronation
  • Arch Support
  • EVA Midsole
5Under-Pronation Stability Running Shoe
  • FantomFit
  • Acteva Light Midsole
New Balance93
6Shoes for Supination and High Arches
  • Gel Cushioning
  • Fluidride Technology
  • Heel Clutch

What Exactly is Supination

Supination also knew as under pronation occurs when your foot leans towards the outside, and weight is distributed along the outside of your foot which reduces your natural shock absorbing capability.

The Difference Between Supination and Pronation

Supination refers the forefoot area while pronation has to do mainly with the heels.
Pronation in general has an effect on your ankles and calves, and supination can cause more damage or an injury to the arches.
People who have high arches usually supinate where people with flat feet or lower arches tend to overpronate.
Supination and Pronation are movements that both need to be in perfect balance with each other in order for our bodies to be able to walk without pain.

What Causes Supination and Excessive Supination.

Supination in some cases is a common congenital disability. Excessive supination is usually caused by the damages left over from a previous injury or a muscle, tendons or ligaments that are overworked and as a result of the after effects of a sprained ankle.
Excessive supination is the least common foot type. Some of us have had it since childhood. For
others, excessive supination is the result of prior injury or overwork to the muscles, ligaments or
tendons that stabilize the ankle, such as from a sprained ankle.

Long term Effects of Supination and Overpronation

Overpronation and oversupination can both cause quite a few muscoskeletal pain conditions and dysfunctions such as;

  • Foot and arch pain.
  • Plantar Fascitiis.
  • Achilles Tendonitis.
  • Tight and painful calves.
  • Rolled or sprained ankles.
  • Shin Splints.
  • Certain Knee problems and knee pain.
  • Tight hip flexors and hamstrings.
  • Tight and sore hips or buttocks.
  • Acute or chronic lower back pain.
  • Herniated discs.

How to Tell if You are a Supinator.

You are not necessarily a supinator if you have high arches. People with higher arches tend to under pronate, and those with lower arches tend to overpronate. Your one foot may over supinate and the other may not, or both can supinate at different degrees. You can detect excessive supination by noticing profound wear on the outer sides of your shoes. Foot balance retailers can do a foot analysis for you to check if you have excessive supination or any other conditions.

The Best Women’s Shoes for Supination
The Best Women’s Shoes for Supination Front Look

What are the Effects of Excessive Supination.

Excessive supination can make you more susceptible to injuries by reducing shock absorption and biomechanical efficiency making your push off, when walking, less efficient. This, in turn, puts pressure on the muscles and joints of your lower limbs and causes your overall body alignment to suffer. Because your ankles are under constant strain, they are not stable enough increasing your risk of ankle sprains. Other effects of excessive supination are; knee problems, ligament damage, stress fractures, shin splints, back pain and increased metatarsal pronation.

What to Look for in a Shoe for Supination

Cushioning for a high or concave arch as well as a specially cushioned midsole will provide excellent comfort and support for a person who supinates. When you supinate, you also want a shoe that is lightweight reducing pressure on the feet with a gel based single density midsole to provide better stability. A perfectly molded shoe will accommodate your foot structure, and good grip capabilities will enhance running and walking.
Wearing the correct shoes for supination as well as your unique arch type will significantly reduce the risk of injury, pain, and damage not only to your feet but also to other parts of your body when walking or running.

There are quite a few anti-supination shoes available on the market today that either provide extra cushioning, enhance stability or improve grip.

The Features of The Best Footwear for Excessive Supination.

  • Good cushioning and shock absorption capabilities.
  • A flexible midsole that is lightweight.
  • Good Arch support.
  • Avoid trainers with motion control, medial support posts, hard midsoles and stabilizing features.

The Best Shoes for Supination

We have researched the best shoes for Excessive Supination and fashioned a list of five of the Top Rated Shoes for Supinators with their reviews;


Running Shoes for Supination

The New Balance Fresh Foam running shoe has all the comfort and support features to accommodate a wearer that has excessive supination. An excellent running shoe that can also be worn casually and every day.
  • Manufactured from high quality, breathable synthetic, and fabric materials.
  • A futuristic runner that features ombre fade and a lace keeper overlay.
  • A Fresh Foam Midsole for enhanced comfort and support.
  • The construction is a bootie combination with mesh.
  • An added Ortholite Sock Liner.
  • The midsole and outsole feature a data-driven design.


Running Shoe for Supination

The Asics Gel Evate 3 is a great running shoe that can also be worn by supinator’s casually every day. This shoe offers you maximum comfort and zero pain all day long.
  • Lightweight and flexible textile and synthetic uppers for a more breathable and comfortable fit.
  • The Fluid Ride technology ensures the best combination of bounce back and lightweight cushioning.
  • Rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning absorbs shock and allows for better movement on multiple planes.
  • A Guidance Trusstic System enhances gait efficiency and provides midfoot structural integrity.
  • The durable rubber outsole delivers excellent traction and good grip capabilities.


Lace Up Walking Shoe for Underpronation

The New Balance 813 is a motion-controlled walking shoe that is designed with the best technology and highest quality materials to offer you optimal support, stability, and comfort for everyday wear.
  • Manufactured from high quality soft and durable leather.
  • ROLLBAR with Medial and Lateral TPU posts to give you the best motion control.
  • Walking Strike Path technology helps to stabilize your foot through the natural gait cycle.
  • A soft, comfortable collar for a snug fit.
  • Available in different Neutral colors.


Orthaheel Technology Sandals for Under-Pronation

An orthotic sandal with Orthaheel technology providing great support, stability, and comfort particularly if you have excessive supination. This sandal has been designed by a podiatrist specifically to provide relief from the pain and discomfort associated with many foot conditions.

  • An effective full-length orthotic.
  • Easy to use an adjustable strap with hook and loop enclosure on the Vionic Mojave.
  • Biomechanical orthotics with added arch support and a deeper heel cup.
  • The upper part is manufactured from leather and webbing.
  • A durable Vibram rubber outsole.
  • The Triple-Density EVA midsole with its heel cushioning helps to absorb shock and gives excellent support.
  • The Orthaheel technology can improve alignment and offer natural pain relief.


Under-Pronation Stability Running Shoe

A breathable and lightweight stability running shoe that is designed to help with Supination in men and women, and is comfortable enough for all day wear.

  • Lightweight and breathable synthetic and mesh uppers.
  • The Acteva Light midsole with foam and Absorb Crash pad provides excellent support and shock absorbency along with long-lasting comfort.
  • The no-sew application ensures less irritation and prevents chafing.
  • A FantomFit upper for superior lightweight support and an improved fit.
  • A rubber outsole that delivers good grip and long lasting traction.


Shoes for Supination and High Arches

The Asics Gel Nimbus 18 is not only and excellent choice in running shoe for supination but also helps with knee and lower back pain.

  • Textile and synthetic uppers for a lightweight and breathable fit that ensures all-day comfort.
  • FluidRide technology and rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning for superior shock absorption and energy return.
  • The FluidFit uppers with multi-directional stretch mesh and stretch reinforcements adapt to your feet creating a superior customized fit.
  • The seamless construction ensures that there is no chafing or irritation caused by friction.
  • A durable outsole delivers exceptional grip and prevents slips.

You cannot go wrong with anyone of these listed choices of footwear for excessive supination. In general, the best type of shoe to settle for if you have excessive supination would be an athletic shoe because most athletic shoes already have all the required features needed to provide relief from the symptoms of supination.

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