Best Sandals with Elastic Straps

Summertime is finally here and that means its time to put away those chunky boots and shoes and slip into a comfortable and breezy pair of sandals.

One of the best options is the sandal with elastic straps, you will not get a more flexible and comfortable fit, that is so easy to access.

The unique thing is that an elastic strap sandal can be found not only in comfort sandals, but likewise many fashionable and even formal heeled style sandal options.

Yellow Shoe High Heels Corner From Women's Shoes

Some Great Benefits Sandals Hold

  • Sandals are cool and highly breathable, particularly in hot weather, they will keep your feet from becoming hot and sweaty.
  • Sandals provide much more toe room and freedom.
  • Many sandal types have a cushioned and comfortable foot-bed or lining that offers good support.
  • Sandals are very easy to put on and take off, particularly sandals with elastic straps.
  • There are so many different designs of sandals for both casual and formal wear.
  • Sandals are a great choice for almost any occasion.
  • You can look stylish and feel comfortable all summer in the right pair of sandals.
  • the right sandal can exquisitely complement almost any type of outfit in any color.

Sandals Elastic BENEFITS

Besides all these great benefits there are so many stunning styles, and colors as well as many different types of sandals, with elastic straps, to choose from.

Elastic Straps on Sandals

The main advantage of elastic straps on any sandal is that they offer a more FLEXIBLE fit, and you can easily put them on and take them off, without having to fasten and loosen a buckle or zip closure.

Elastic straps will give you a fast and easy fit, as well as flexibility for the perfect fit for your foot type and shape.

This is particularly favorable in individuals with a wider foot type, or certain foot conditions that cause deformities or painful spots on their feet. The elastic straps are more gentle and giving on your feet.

Then there is also the elastic ankle strap that fits snugly around your ankle which offers support and a secure fit, as well as easy on and off access with no further hassles.

Features of a Good Sandal with Elastic Straps


  • A comfortable and cushioned insole that provides support and shock absorbency.
  • Good arch support for your specific arch type.
  • Moisture-wicking footbed or insert to keep your feet dry and odor free.
  • Soft and comfortable flexible, elasticated straps, either around your entire foot, the closure or as an ankle strap.
  • A durable rubber or synthetic outsole, that offers good grip and slip resistance on most surfaces.
  • Soft and flexible upper construction, that is comfortable and fits well.
  • Elastic back strap for a better fit, and easy access.
  • Decorative details such as patterns and shapes, or gem and stone adornments.
  • Types of sandals such as a thong, gladiator, open toe or ankle strap style.
  • Different heel options; High heel;Platform;Stiletto;Flat;Wedge or flatform

Reviews: Best Sandals with Elastic Straps


These are very decorative and exquisitely crafted summer sandals, available in many fun colors to brighten up your day.

Wear these during the day or even for casual wear, or even to special occasions as a flat and comfortable alternative.

  • Available in twelve bright and fun color options with beautiful adornments.
  • A non-slip and anti-skid rubber outsole for durability and good traction.
  • Ideal for wearing in spring, autumn and summer for all occasions.
  • Manufactured from high quality PU leather that is soft and durable.
  • Different size options available for women.
  • A slip on design with an elastic T-Strap.


An allover elasticated strap sandal, with a comfortable foot-bed, and flat design, perfect for all occasions and leisure wear.

  • Comfortable and fashionable flat sandals.
  • casual yet still stylish enough to wear for any occasion.
  • A textile rubber outsole that offers good grip.
  • Criss cross elasticated strap uppers in a V-Shape that visually makes your legs look longer.
  • A lightly padded and comfortable insole.
  • Available in many neutral color options, that will ideally blend in with almost any outfit.

Clarks is a well known name in comfort footwear, featuring the popula COULDSTEPPER and CUSHION SOFT foot-bed.

  • Synthetic elastic criss-cross uppers for a sleek design and appeal.
  • A durable and high traction synthetic sole that is thick and slightly elevated.
  • Features cloudstepper and cushion soft technology.
  • A very flexible EVA outsole that is extra thick for good shock absorbency.
  • Available in five cool and confident color options for your perusal.


This is a cool and casual ankle strap sandal with an Espadrille style wedge heel, and comfortable all elastic strap fit.

  • Available in BLACK, CAMEL, PINK and OLIVE color tones all with the popular espadrille sole for comfort and style.
  • Synthetic crisscross strap uppers with an elasticated fit and an elastic ankle strap.
  • A wedge heel that gives a bit of height with a stunning Espadrille style finish.
  • A durable rubber outsole.


These are absolutely gorgeous for a more formal event or an evening out. The High heeled Cambridge Select features a comfortable fit with an elasticated ankle strap.

  • Features a four-inch stiletto heel that is stylish and elegant for a more formal look.
  • A versatile and classic platform sandal that is a must for every wardrobe.
  • A comfortable easy on and off fit with the elasticated straps.
  • Very lightweight with a slightly padded foot-bed for comfort and support.
  • The platform helps to balance the higher heel further and ensures stability.
  • A stretchable ankle strap and back zip ensures an effortless fit.
  • It is manufactured from all vegan environmentally friendly materials.
  • Available in plenty of colors for you to choose from.


The Dream Pairs Sparkly range comes in many different colors and designs, each with a comfortable elasticated strap fit and a comfort foot-bed.

  • Available in many colors and design options, each with a uniquely designed and decorated upper straps.
  • They are manufactured from durable and comfortable synthetic materials.
  • A comfortable and flexible design with a slightly padded foot-bed.
  • An elastic string strap for easy on and off.
  • Durable and high traction synthetic sole.


Lightweight and cushioned soft sandals from Crocs with elastics straps for a more adjustable and flexible fit.

  • Soft and flexible elastic straps with an athletic style.
  • A super soft LiteRide insole, for comfort and support.
  • Some color variations are available.
  • Lightweight and breathable design with a durable outsole.


Stylish and comfortable sandals available in many color options from dream pairs, with elasticized straps for a better fit.

  • A durable and slip-resistant rubber outsole with platform design.
  • Soft and comfortable sponge footbed.
  • A flexible outsole and footbed design.
  • Elasticized straps for a snug fit.


Sporty and fun sandals with elastic straps and a responsive cushioned footbed from Skechers.

  • Soft and flexible textile uppers with a smooth lining and an elastic gore strap for a secure fit.
  • A durable and high traction synthetic sole.
  • Popular Goga Mat responsive cushioned footbed.
  • Lightweight and flexible design available in a fe color options.

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