How to Make Tight Shoes Fit

Shoes do not come cheap, and one may have to spend a lot of money for the same. Therefore, when we find that shoes do not fit, it could be a cause of concern. However, there are ways and means by which tight-fitting shoes can be put to use.
We will look at a few of them so that one can ensure that they fit well without the need to discard them and lose one’s hard earned money. The simplest way to make a shoe fit your feet size is to use plaster in the big toe and the second finger. Plastering the toes help reduce the gap between the two fingers and will ensure to fit a shoe that is perhaps one size small. Apart from the above, there are other ways and means by which also it is possible to use tight fitting shoes.

A Few Other Important Tips

You could use socks that are thick and made from wool or other materials. Using the socks help to fit shoes which are tight by forcefully expanding them. Taking the help of a cobbler is perhaps the simplest way by which you can get your shoes to fit your feet. They will fit it with some extra padding on the soles and the side and make them suitable. Using the shoes inside the home could be a great idea. The more you use the shoes, the more they expand, and it could perhaps become bigger.

There are also many shoe stretching tools available apart from the one mentioned above. You could even try out a crumpled newspaper, and there are also shoe stretchers which could be available for as little as $20. However, you should be careful while using these shoe stretchers because it could stretch too much and make the shoe big and unusable. Heating your shoes in a controlled manner could also expand it quite a bit.

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