How to Get Rid of Smelly Shoes

Are smelly shoes are making life difficult for you? The embarrassment and irritation that is associated with the nuisance that is smelly shoes are something which almost everyone deals with. But, do you know that it is very easy to get right rid of smelly shoes?

Here one simple trick to get rid of smelly shoes has been mentioned to make you and your feet happy.

Why do you have smelly shoes?

If you workout while wearing a shoe without socks or if you happen to have naturally sweaty feet, then it is not a surprise that you deal with smelly shoes. This type of moist shoe makes a perfect environment for bacteria to grow and multiply. When bacteria inhibit your shoe, it will cling to your feet automatically if you are not wearing socks. Because of this, bacterial acid is formed in the shoes when the bacteria feed on the sweat, and this causes the foul smell.

One simple trick to get rid of it

Now for the answer that you were waiting for, and it is baking soda. That’s right; the same thing that you use for baking cakes and cookies can get rid of smelly shoes also. So, here are the steps to use the baking soda to remove the smell:

Step1: Take the smelly shoe and then sprinkle a small amount of baking soda in it.

Step2: Leave the shoe like that overnight.

Step3: In the morning before using the shoe shake off the baking soda and you will notice that the horrible smell is gone.

Why is baking soda so useful?

Baking soda happens to be a natural deodorizer, and thus, it helps to get rid of the nasty smell. But, this is not the only reason baking soda works so well. You see, baking soda can neutralize the bacterial acid, and this eliminates the smell.

Now that you know how to get rid of smelly shoes, so go to the store and buy some baking soda and get rid of that horrible smell for good.

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