Best Shoes for Narrow Feet

The shoes you wear are a reflection of your personality and your own style and fashion sense, but keep in mind that your feet also carry you all day every day and therefore your footwear needs to be able to protect and keep your feet comfortable. In many cases wearing a particular shoe can cause you pain or discomfort after a few hours which will also affect your mood and tolerance, having sore and uncomfortable feet should not be a part of your day.

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Table of Contents for the Best Shoes for Narrow Feet

No.ShoeMen ♂Women ♀FeaturesBrandScore
1Asics® - Shoes for Narrow and High Arched Feet
  • Fluid Fit Technology
  • Removable Sole
  • Reduces Impact
2Asics® - Shoe for Narrow and Flat Feet
  • Removable Insole
  • Rear and Front Foot Gel Cushioning
  • Textured Outsole
3Nike® - Lightweight Narrow Fit Training Shoes
  • Free Flex technology
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
4Clarks® - Leather Boots for Narrow Feet
  • Flexible Sole
  • Textured Inset
5Asics® - Narrow Width Running and Walking Shoe
  • Breathable
  • Gel Cushioning
  • Lightweight
6Birkenstock® - Casual Sandals for Narrow Feet
  • Natural Cushioning
  • Heel Cradle
  • Lightweight
  • Stimulates Circulation
7Saucony® - Narrow Fit Walking Shoe
  • Forefoot Strech Zone
  • Strobel Board
  • Cushioned
  • XTTM 900 Outsole

Avoid Buying Shoes Just Because It’s On Sale

Discomfort with a new shoe is acceptable at first because most shoes need some break in time, but constant long term discomfort means that the shoe is not suitable for your feet. Having a narrow heel or narrow foot will affect your choice of shoes, luckily there is a large variety of shoes to choose from if you have narrow feet or heels.

What is a Narrow foot

When your feet are more Narrow than normal, you have narrow feet. Narrow feet is a genetic disorder, so there is no remedy or cause. Having narrow feet can also result in a heel that is much narrower in relation to your forefoot which can be quite an issue when you are looking for shoes for narrow feet.

Shopping for the Right Shoe

Women’s feet have a different shape and contour to that of a man’s so with women narrow feet are also more narrow that that of a man.
Narrow width shoes are readily available for narrower feet in most shoe stores and online shoe stores. When your heels are much narrower than the average “narrow”, then you may need footwear that has been customized to fit your foot type. Individuals who have a narrow foot may also require a shoe that provides good arch support, therefore you can also consider Shoes for Arch Support.

Wearing Improper Shoes for Narrow Feet

Wearing shoes that are too big or wide for narrow feet will result in your feet slipping around in the shoe causing chafing and painful blisters. Then again wearing a shoe that is too tight or that causes pressure on the feet and toes can also cause pain and blisters as well as other conditions such as bunions.A good article to view on Bunions and Shoes for Bunions is The best Shoes for Bunions. Make sure that the shoe that you wear fits snugly and comfortably without squeezing your feet, and that your feet stay in place with movement.

Tips on getting a Narrow Foot into a Regular Shoe

People whose feet are narrow often struggle to wear normal shoes. Even the styles available in extra narrow, narrow or regular fits often slip and may fall off altogether. Finding a style in a narrow fit shoe can also be quite difficult and much more expensive as well as a greater hassle to purchase.
However, there are a few tricks that may help you to be able to wear a shoe of any style with narrow feet;

Reinforced Shoe Laces

You may suffer from circulation issues and feet that fall asleep if you tie your shoe laces too tightly but a special lace reinforcing product will do the trick. By reinforcing your laces between the second and third eyelet on your shoe and crossing both laces horizontally to the other side on the third eyelet your shoes will stay in place. Shoes that can also up to one extra eyelet towards the tongue have also proven to provide a better fit for a narrow foot.


Gel inserts and pads that you stick inside your shoe ate the ball of your foot have proven to work quite well. These pads and inserts lift your foot up just enough to make sure that the shoe fits more snugly.

Arch Support

Arch support can also help to give you a better fit as well as provide better support to the arch of the foot. Arch supports can be stacked on top of each other to take up the extra room in your shoes. In addition cutting strips of rubber to fit your shoes and placing them underneath your arch will also provide a more snug fit and prevent slipping.

Heel inserts

When you have purchased a shoe, and it is only the back of your shoe that is slipping, meaning that you have a more narrow heel rather than forefoot, a heel insert could be just what you need. Heel inserts cup your feet and also take up some space preventing slipping and sliding in your shoes.

What to Aviod

Never stuff your shoes with cotton balls, tissues or pointe shoe toe pads. These techniques are cheap but will cause much pain and problems as well as still slip and slide In your shoes.

How to Shop for Shoes for Narrow Feet

In order to avoid pain, discomfort and other foot conditions when you have narrow feet you will need to do some testing of a few pairs of shoes to find a perfect fit. You will have to ask for a shoe size that is meant for a narrow fit when you visit the shoe store. If you have a heel that is much narrower than what the normal narrow fit shoes can accommodate it may take some effort to find a perfect fit, and in the worse case scenario, your may need to get your shoes customized to accommodate the narrower heels. Because narrow heels and feet are more common in women, there is usually a much wider selection of women’s shoes in a more narrow fit. If you enjoy running or are just looking for a comfortable casual walking shoe you can look at the article, best Running Shoes for High Arches as an alternative.

Reviews on The Best Shoes for Narrow Feet

To make the decision process easier for you, we have compiled a list of some of the top rated shoes for today, that is excellent to wear if you have narrow feet and narrow heels;


Shoes for Narrow and High Arched Feet

Using advanced technology and much research the Gel Nimbus from Asics will provide you with a comfortable and perfectly fitting shoe to accommodate narrower feet and higher arches.

  • Made from the finest quality synthetic materials.
  • The Fluidride technology gives you a combination of bounce back and cushioning in a shoe that is lightweight and extremely durable.
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel cushioning systems to attenuate shock during impact and toe-off as well as allowing for movement on multiple planes.
  • The Fluidfit upper technology combines multidirectional stretch mesh with stretch reinforcements which will adapt to your feet creating a glove-like, customized fit.
  • The heel clutching system gives you improved support and a better heel fitting.
  • Seamless construction for a softer and more comfortable fit.
  • Available in a large variety of colours and designs.


Shoe for Narrow and Flat Feet

A fashionable and sporty shoe for men and women that have all the essential features of a supportive and comfortable shoe for flat and narrow feet. The Asics Gel Kayano 22 is available in a large variety of colors and designs and is a lightweight, breathable shoe for everyday wear.

  • Mesh and synthetic material overlays to improve breathability.
  • A removable insole for added comfort.
  • The textured rubber outsole offers good grip on many surfaces.
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel cushioning systems to help reduce shock on the feet during impact.
  • This model also features as one of the best running shoes for bad knees.
  • Available in many color options to choose from.


Lightweight Narrow Fit Training Shoes

For a perfect narrow fit in a lightweight shoe that will improve your training performance, the Nike Free 5.0 is just the shoe for you. A training shoe that can be worn every day casually or for a rigorous workout.

  • A lace-up closure for an adjustable fit.
  • Nike free Flex gloves are ensuring flexibility and comfort.
  • Cushioning foam to improving shock absorption and support.
  • Breathable mesh uppers with internal zonal support ensure a more snug fit.
  • A durable and lightweight shoe with exceptional flexibility for natural movement.


Leather Boots for Narrow Feet

The Clarks Leather Boot is a fashionable and trendy looking ankle boot that can be worn for work or as a dress shoe. This boot offers all the necessary comfort and support features for narrow feet.

  • Available in leather in neutral color options.
  • The Clarks Bush Acre Boot for men features a flexible sole with a non-marking rubber outsole and an ortholite footbed.
  • The Clarks Rosalyn Lara features a flexible and stable Synthetic sole offering excellent support.
  • The Rosalyn Lara for women is a leather ankle boot that features a textured inset and decorative strap at shaft for a more elegant look.
  • Designed to accommodate a more narrow foot with a narrow and snug fit.


Narrow Width Running and Walking Shoe

The Asics Gel Cumulus is a supportive and comfortable running and walking shoe with many fantastic features that is available with a more narrow fit for a narrow men’s or women’s foot.

  • The fabric and synthetic uppers are breathable and flexible giving you lightweight, comfortable support and a more snug fit.
  • A durable rubber sole improves your grip and provides long lasting traction.
  • The ComforDry odor control sock liner will keep your feet dry and fresh all day.
  • A heel and forefoot Gel cushioning system along with a gait-enhancing Impact Guidance System ensures that you have the ultimate in comfort and support.
  • Different color options are available in the Asics gel Cumulus 16.


Casual Sandals for Narrow Feet

The Birkenstock Sandal is a comfortable casual sandal that is not only trendy to wear but also good for your feet.

  • Soft Suede uppers.
  • A durable rubber sole.
  • This shoe encourages the natural gripping motion of your feet exercising the legs and stimulating blood circulation.Available in licorice and toffee color.
  • Allows your toes to move naturally giving you better balance and aligning your feet from toe to heel.
  • The four arch technology ensures even weight distribution and improves your posture.
  • Cradles your heel with natural cushioning underneath the heel bone.
  • A slender and comfortable fit.


Narrow Fit Walking Shoe

If you are looking for a shoe that will offer you a comfortable and customized fit particularly if you have more Narrow feet, then you should give the Saucony ProGrid series a try. This shoe features a Forefoot Stretch Zone that provides added comfort to the foot and allows for a better fit.

  • The uppers are made from full grain leather and feature the ForeFoot stretch technology for a customized fit.
  • An XXTM 900 outsole for good grip and traction on different surfaces.
  • The Forefoot and Rearfoot HRC cushioning allowing for reduced impact and more responsive cushioning which also enhances the gait cycle with the help of the Strobel board.
  • An EVA midsole that has been compression molded for a luxurious fit.
  • You can get this shoe in narrow, medium and a wide fit.
  • This shoe is available in three color designs.
  • Because of its customized fit and exceptional support this is also the Best Walking Shoe for Elderly Women.

So if you suffer from narrow feet or narrow heels as you can see from the listed shoes above there is a shoe for every occasion that will fit you perfectly and give you all the comfort and support that you need.
Keep in mind the golden rule with narrow feet is to fit a shoe and make sure it fits snugly without causing any pain or discomfort.

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